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How to Navigate the Murky Waters of Divorce - Part One

Posted on in Divorce

DivorceEight Tips to Consider if You are Facing a Divorce

Going through a divorce can bring out overwhelming feelings of uncertainty and sadness. If this it is a first divorce, quite often it is the only experience the divorcee has had with the complexities of the legal system. Because divorce can involve very serious financial and emotional issues, it is important to be prepared and take it one step at a time.

The following article is the first of a four part series on "How to Navigate the Murky Waters of Divorce." This installment provides eight tips to consider if you are facing a divorce.

  1. Don't overreact to divorce papers - Often the language in divorce papers can seem harsh or unfeeling. It is important to remember that much of the language contained in these documents is required by law and must be included. It is imperative to keep a cool head and not argue with your spouse over "legalese.
  2. Avoid confrontations - In the heat of a divorce people are often pushed to the brink of their emotions. However, despite this fact, it is critical to keep calm and never resort to any sort of negative confrontation with your spouse or your children.
  3. You don't have to leave home - While there may be very good reasons to move out of the marital home, it is not required unless there is a court order to do so. The most important thing is your comfort level and safety as well as that of your children (if applicable).
  4. Communicate with children - Divorce is not only difficult on you and your spouse, when children are involved, it can create even more uncertainty. It is imperative that both parents talk to the children regularly, and assure them that they are very dearly loved and their feelings are a priority.
  5. Keep all financial records - Accurate financial records will help ensure that your divorce settlement is both fair and suitable for the situation. Never destroy any financial papers no matter how defaming you might think they appear.
  6. Pay your bills - It is vital to keep up with your monthly financial obligations during the divorce settlement process. This will show responsibility and could help you achieve a more favorable outcome for your situation.
  7. Hold tight to your wallet - A divorce is a costly endeavor on many levels. Now is not the time to start spending money frivolously. This will not help you with the expense of the process and could demonstrate that you are capable of reckless behavior.
  8. Ask a professional - The termination of a marriage is often a time of great uncertainty and there are many legal issues that can further complicate the situation. It is always advised that individuals seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney to ensure that their best interests are being served.
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