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Children and Apartments Can Lead to Severe Injuries and Death

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Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyerEach year, 15 to 20 children under age 11 die of injuries sustained after falling from a window. Another 15,000 suffer non-fatal injuries that may include brain damage, broken bones, and paralysis. Apartment windows are especially dangerous because of their height. If you live in an apartment building and have children, know what you can do to keep them safe and what you should do, if a fall does happen.  

Know the Risks

According to statistics, children fall from the windows in apartment buildings at five times the rate of children living in other types of homes. Those that live in lower income neighborhoods, where windows may suffer from poor construction or condition, are at an even higher risk because these windows are not always up to code. Homes and apartment buildings without air conditioning also carry a higher risk since the window may be left open to allow for airflow. If you and your child live in any of these areas, be aware of the increased risk and take extra precautions to keep your child safe.

Basic Child Safety

Although you may not be able to prevent all window falls (particularly if there are issues of poor window condition), there are some things that you can do to potentially decrease your child’s risk of falling. Start by never leaving the window open and the child unattended, even if a screen is present. Instead, consider asking your landlord to install an added safety barrier (i.e. safety bars) or add one yourself. Alternatively, you could install a small window air conditioning unit to eliminate the need for an open window altogether.

It is also critical that you avoid placing any form of furniture near the window, including beds, cribs, or small dressers that children can climb on and could fall off of. This applies, even to older children, who may roll off of their bed through the window while playing or sleeping. Also, if the window is in ill repair, contact your landlord and request repairs. If repair requests go ignored, contact your community’s renter association and a local attorney for assistance.

After a Fall

If your child falls from a window (or any other height), take them to see a medical professional, even if they seem to be acting normal. If, however, they are acting “strange,” are having any trouble speaking or breathing, or appear to have any form of head or body trauma, call your local emergency number immediately. Even if the injuries are not as serious as they initially seem, it is always better to be safe where children are concerned.

Once your child has received medical treatment, it is important that you contact a skilled Milwaukee, Wisconsin personal injury attorney who can help determine if negligence may have played a part in your child’s injuries. The experienced legal team at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP can fully investigate the matter, protect your rights and best interest throughout the entire process, and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. To learn more, call us at 414-271-1440 and schedule your consultation today.





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