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Safety Advocates Strive to Remove “Accident” Factor in Car Crashes

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Wisconsin car accident attorney, Wisconsin car crash lawyerAccording to the National Safety Council (NSC), fatal car crashes rose by nearly 8 percent and killed more than 38,000 people in 2015. Nearly all were due to the negligence of one person or another – a red light runner, a distracted driver, someone intoxicated behind the wheel – and yet we often call these crashes “accidents.” One advocacy group is striving to change all of that. They want crashes to be seen for what they really are: a devastating situation where one person is a victim and the other is at fault.

Why Change the Wording?

Calling car crashes “accidents” might seem inconsequential, but society has a way of getting hung on up the words. So, when a crash is called an accident, it sounds like something that could not be foreseen or prevented. This is rarely the case. In fact, studies have found that human error is a factor in 94 percent of all crashes. Only 6 percent can be attributed to vehicle malfunctions, weather, or other factors. Doing away with the word “accident” reminds everyone – including lawmakers – that most car crashes are preventable, avoidable, and – more importantly – someone’s fault.

States Already Moving to Change Verbiage

Although federally, the removal of the word “accident” from traffic incidents has been slow-going, there are states that have already adopted laws that prohibit the use of the word accident. New York was among the first to adopt such a policy, and the city of San Francisco followed soon after. Since then, at least 28 other states and cities have shifted from using the word “accident” and are, instead, referring to them as crashes. There are, however, those that defend the use of the word accident.

Defenders of the word “accident” posture that changing the wording will not fix anything, and that the term is not being inappropriately used. Furthermore, they state that people are comfortable with using the term “accident,” and that changing it might cause confusion among the public. Some have used this stance to prevent further movement throughout certain areas of the country.

Despite Verbiage, Victims Should Receive Compensation

Accident verbiage of a crash can be troubling for those who have been victimized, and it can make the entire circumstance even more confusing. However, victims should know that they may still be owed compensation, regardless of the words used to describe their situation. They have a right to pursue it, and they have the right to seek legal assistance to ensure they are not further victimized by the insurance companies.

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