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Avoiding Car Accidents During the Winter

Posted on in Car Accidents

Milwaukee winter car accident injury lawyerLearning to drive in Wisconsin’s winter weather is a skill unto itself. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures all increase the difficulty level of driving and, unfortunately, they also increase the chances of a car accident

Anyone getting behind the wheel this winter should familiarize themselves with the following tips in order to keep the roadways safe for everyone:

1. Use the Right Equipment

Winter tires are recommended in temperatures less than 44 degrees. Many people operate under the false notion that all-season tires are able to adequately handle winter driving. However, the rubber compound in all-season tires begins to freeze when temperatures go below 44 degrees. This means that such tires will be less effective at gripping the road. If you do not have winter tires, proceed with caution and the understanding that your car may not be able to handle all winter road conditions.

2. Ensure Visibility

Snow and ice should be removed from all windows. While it may be easiest to only scrape off the windows closest to the driver, this can limit one’s visibility and make an accident more likely to occur. 

3. Drive Slowly

Because tires do not grip the road as effectively in slippery conditions, it is recommended that cars be driven at speeds under 45 mph. This will give the driver more time to react to dangerous conditions, and it will minimize damage if there is an accident. Experts say that in the event of skidding, a driver should turn the wheel in the direction of the slide and refrain from pressing the brakes.

4. Do One Thing at a Time

When driving a car, drivers should make one movement at a time. For example, when making a turn, it is best to brake the vehicle in a way that gradually reduces speed, then turn the vehicle. Accidents are more likely to happen when a vehicle is braking or accelerating while turning.

Contact a Milwaukee Car Accident Attorney

Cold weather conditions present an increased risk to drivers and pedestrians. However, simply because winter weather played a part in an accident does not mean that a driver is not at fault for a car accident.

If you have been in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver, our law firm can help you receive compensation for the property damage sustained by your car and the bodily injuries to drivers and passengers.

Our team of knowledgeable Milwaukee, WI auto accident lawyers are well-versed in traffic rules and personal injury laws, and we are confident we can get you the compensation you deserve. Call our office today at 414-271-1440.




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