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4 Types of Negligence That Can Lead to Dangerous Truck Accidents

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Milwaukee, WI commercial truck accident attorneyLarge trucks are a danger on the roads to smaller passenger cars and pedestrians. Tractor-trailer trucks weigh 80,000 pounds, on average. This makes them hard to stop, and the difference in size between vehicles is likely to cause serious injuries for drivers and passengers involved in a collision.

There are a wide variety of reasons why truck accidents occur. Because of the complexity of the trucking industry and determining what entities are at fault, accident victims should always avail themselves of an attorney when pursuing compensation for injuries.

Here are four common causes of accidents involving commercial trucks:

  1. Driver Error. Truck drivers must drive long distances as quickly as possible. While there are rules in place to limit the amount of time they can drive without rest, drivers are under pressure to meet certain deadlines, which encourages breaking the rules. Truck drivers experience a high amount of turn over, which means there are many new drivers on the road. Also, truck drivers are expected to drive in a variety of settings, both urban and rural, daytime and nighttime. Taken together, these factors can lead to a truck driver making mistakes, and even minor truck driver errors can lead to a dangerous accident.
  2. Tractor-Trailer Maintenance. Due to the high number of miles big rigs travel, they require regular maintenance and repairs. There could be many entities who may be negligent in failing to keep a truck in working condition. The trucking company or the driver could have not made necessary maintenance. Also, the maintenance mechanic could be at fault for failing to properly make the repairs that caused an accident.
  3. Equipment Failure. There are many pieces of equipment on a truck that, if broken, can lead to an accident. For example, if defective brakes are installed on a truck, an accident can result, and the brake manufacturer could be liable.
  4. Improper Loading. Due to the large size of the cargo area of trucks, improper loading can cause the weight to be distributed unevenly, making a truck harder to control. In these scenarios, the truck driver may not be at fault. Rather, the company who loaded the 18-wheeler may be the liable entity.

Call a Milwaukee, WI Truck Accident Lawyer

As you can see, there are numerous parties who could be at fault for a trucking accident. In addition, each of these parties may have their own insurer. This means that truck accident litigation can become complex, even if the accident seems straightforward.

At Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown LLP our firm seeks to get maximum compensation for big rig accident victims. Our trusted Milwaukee tractor-trailer truck accident attorneys will pursue all viable claims you may have in order to make you whole again. To speak to someone in our office today, call 414-271-1440.



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