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Wisconsin accident attorney, injury liability, Wisconsin car crash lawyerIntended to improve road safety, self-driving cars may be one step closer to becoming a reality after the U.S. government pledged to invest $4 billion into advancing their testing and development. Unfortunately, there are still a number of hurdles to overcome before these high-tech vehicles become mainstream, particularly in terms of overall safety. Autonomous Cars – the New American Dream Each year, nearly 1.3 million people die on American roadways, and another 20-50 million are injured in automobile accidents. But what would life be like if we could completely eradicate these deaths? And how much easier would life be if we could drive to work while reading, using our devices, or enjoying the scenery without compromising safety? This is the idea behind autonomous cars — transportation that is both safer and more enjoyable. But is this technology truly a reality? Driver Disengagement Still Needed A handful of companies already have autonomous cars on the road, but they are still in the testing  phase. Unfortunately, recent data released by the California Department of Motor Vehicles suggests that they are not performing quite as well as  developers may have hoped. Frequent driver disengagements - moments that drivers had to take manual control of the cars - were noted by test drivers. Google performed the best, with 272 incidents total, and a rate of about one incident every 1,244 miles. Nissan, whose cars had a problem about once every 14 miles, fell at the other end of the spectrum, as did Bosch and Mercedes whose cars had disengagements that sometimes occurred as often as every one or two miles. Overall, these driver disengagements highlight a serious need for improvement in both safety and mobility. But some autonomous car skeptics say that these disengagements are the very least of concerns for the manufacturers hoping to get their self-driving cars on the road. Infrastructure, Communication, Acceptance, and Liability Developing technology that reduces or eliminates driver disengagement is only the beginning, experts say. Roads will need higher detail mapping, an infrastructure that will ensure the cars are going exactly where they are supposed to. Cars will also need to be able to communicate effectively with one another if there is any real hope for preventing accidents. Liability - determining who would be considered at fault if an autonomous car causes an accident - is also an issue. Finally, there is the matter of convincing drivers that it is safe for them to let go of the wheel. Get Help with Your Auto Accident Injury Case Overall, the evidence suggests that we are still a long way from having self-driving cars on the road; until they are, accidents and injuries will continue. If an accident has happened to you or someone you love, seek skilled and professional help from the Milwaukee automobile accident attorneys at Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP. Dedicated determined, respected, and resourceful, they can handle the details of your case, protect your rights, and give you the time and energy you need to heal. To schedule your consultation, call 414-271-1440 today.



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Wisconsin accident attorney, accident liability, Wisconsin injury lawyerTraffic accidents occur for a number of reasons. Distracted driving, impaired driving, and violation of traffic laws typically top the list of most common causes of accidents. Last year, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported nearly 120,000 motor vehicle crasheswith approximately 21,000 of them being speed-related and approximately 5,000 being alcohol-related.

However, there are other factors that affect drivers’ safety on the road such as weather conditions. It is not uncommon for Milwaukee drivers to experience harsh winter weather including cumulative snowfall of more than 60 inches per year.

Those native to Wisconsin may already be aware of what to do to winterize their vehicles, but it is important to keep these winter tips in mind to ensure safer driving during the colder months:


Wisconsin accident attorney, accident liability, Wisconsin injury lawyerWhen you have been in an accident that has caused you to suffer either property damage or bodily injury, the last thing you need is for an insurance company to avoid living up to its obligations. Unfortunately, however, there are occasions when insurance companies deny benefits under an insurance policy without having a good reason to do so. When this occurs, you might have a lawsuit for bad faith against the insurance company.

Bad Faith in Wisconsin

To establish a claim against an insurance company for bad faith in Wisconsin, the insured must establish (1) the absence of a reasonable basis for a determination of a denial of benefits; and (2) knowledge or reckless disregard by the insurance company of the lack of a reasonable basis to deny coverage.

Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyer, Wisconsin car crash lawyerState Farm insurance recently released a study which shows that motorists in Wisconsin are more likely to collide with a deer than motorists in 44 other states. The national average of drivers hitting deer is one out of every 169 drivers, while the Wisconsin average is one out of every 77 drivers. According to the study, you are 10 percent more likely in 2015 to hit a deer on Wisconsin roads than in 2014, and since October and November are the months with the highest car/deer accident rates, now is a good time to review the steps you should take if you are in an accident involving a deer.

What Should You Do If a Deer Collides with Your Car?

Getting into a collision with a deer can be terrifying, and it is important not to lose your focus if this occurs, no matter how difficult it may be.  There are a number of important steps you should take if you are in an accident with a deer. Move Your Car to Safety We understand that if you are in a collision with a deer, you are most likely going to be quite shaken up afterwards. However, according to statistics, most collisions with deer take place early in the morning or at dusk and this is when it is most difficult for other cars to see you on the road. Therefore, the very first thing you should do if you are in an accident with a deer is to move your car safety. If your car will not move, at least move yourself to safety before taking any additional steps. Whether or not your car is safe to drive is another issue, and if it feels in any way compromised (or if your airbag deploys), you should take your car directly to your mechanic (or have it towed, depending on the extent of the damage). Call the Police If you are in an accident with a deer, it is important to call the police. This is true even if your car is not substantially damaged, and especially true if the deer is lying in the middle of the roadway. It is critical to make a report of what happened so that when you make a claim against your insurance company, there is already a police report containing your best recollection of the accident circumstances. If possible, it is also a good time to take photographic evidence of the scene, and if there were any eyewitnesses, try to get their contact information. If You Are Injured, Seek Medical Care Hopefully if you are in a car accident with a deer, you are not injured. Sometimes, however, injuries happen, especially whiplash type injuries from slamming on the brakes. If you think you have been injured in any way, you should go directly the emergency room to be checked over by a medical professional. Do not wait until minor aches and pains get worse – if you have any discomfort or pain after an accident, go to the emergency room. Report the Claim to Your Insurance Company This is the final step in the process, but it is important to be clear about your goals before placing the call, and to understand the insurance policy that covers you also covers accidents in your car. The insurance company always has the goal of minimizing any payments they have to make under the policies they issue, so it is important to be knowledgeable about what your policy covers and does not cover.


If you have been in an accident with a deer in Wisconsin, you may want to seek the advice of skilled Milwaukee car accident attorneys right away, so you are prepared to deal with your insurance company. The lawyers at our firm know how to deal with insurance companies and defense attorneys for the insurance companies in cases like this, so contact us today for a consultation.

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