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Milwaukee, WI white collar crime defense lawyer

By Attorney Nicole Masnica

White collar crimes such as fraud, money laundering, or securities and antitrust violations, bear severe punishment and a conviction for these types of charges can affect the rest of your life. These criminal investigations tend to be lengthy and complex, and a defendant may undergo a thorough sweep of their financial records. These investigations can be especially concerning if there are potential federal charges, including through the RICO Act. However, this act is not always fully understood, and defendants will want to determine how these types of charges may affect their case.


arrest warrant, illegal search, Wisconsin criminal defense attorneyLaw enforcement officers are often allowed a surprising amount of leeway with the truth during the course of an investigation, but a new case involving the FBI in Las Vegas may greatly expand that power, creating serious privacy concerns in the process. In the case, FBI agents cut off the internet connection into a person's home, and then posed as repairmen coming to fix it. The entire purpose of the exercise was to circumvent the need to get a warrant before searching the home because the agents did not think they had enough evidence to get one.

The Case

The case involves a gambler who was in Las Vegas after being caught in Macau running an illegal sports betting operation. The FBI was concerned that he was doing the same thing in Las Vegas, but they had no other evidence of that beyond the incident in Macau. They wanted to search the hotel villa the man was staying in for more evidence, but they did not think they had enough for a warrant.

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