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Milwaukee truck crash attorney

By Attorney Chris Strohbehn

If you have been involved in a trucking accident, determining who is at fault can be complicated. From the driver to the manufacturer of the truck, there can be many different liable parties that may be held responsible for your injuries. Identifying the responsible party or parties can allow you to pursue the compensation you deserve, ensuring that the damages you have experienced will be fully addressed.


Milwaukee, WI commercial truck accident attorneyLarge trucks are a danger on the roads to smaller passenger cars and pedestrians. Tractor-trailer trucks weigh 80,000 pounds, on average. This makes them hard to stop, and the difference in size between vehicles is likely to cause serious injuries for drivers and passengers involved in a collision.

There are a wide variety of reasons why truck accidents occur. Because of the complexity of the trucking industry and determining what entities are at fault, accident victims should always avail themselves of an attorney when pursuing compensation for injuries.

Here are four common causes of accidents involving commercial trucks:


Wisconsin accident attorney, Wisconsin injury lawyer, Wisconsin wrongful death attorneyThese days, whenever you check the news or turn on the television, it seems when a heavy commercial truck is involved in an accident with a passenger automobile, the automobile driver suffers more serious injuries than the driver of the commercial truck.  This result is all too common due to the basic laws of physics and the vast disparity in weight between these types of vehicles.

A standard large commercial truck can weigh more than 20 times a traditional passenger automobile. Passenger automobiles weigh anywhere between one and two tons, whereas a fully loaded large commercial truck could weigh upwards of 20 tons. The sheer size and weight of a large commercial truck makes it a deadly weapon if it is driven by an inattentive, distracted, or improperly trained driver. For these reasons, trucking companies are required to carefully evaluate and properly train drivers before permitting them to operate large commercial trucks.

Did the Trucking Company Perform its Due Diligence When Hiring the Driver?

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