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b2ap3_thumbnail_bicycle-accident-injuries-Milwaukee.jpgDuring the summer months, many people take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy time outdoors. Bike riding is a popular activity for families, but parents should be aware of the dangers that exist for children when using bicycles. Across the United States, nearly 630 children are injured every day in bicycle accidents. Collisions with larger vehicles can be especially devastating, and result in serious injuries, disability, or even death.

Bike Safety Tips

In order to protect children from bike accident injuries, parents should take steps to ensure they are safe when using bicycles, including:


Wisconsin injury attorney, Wisconsin accident lawyerEach year, 15 to 20 children under age 11 die of injuries sustained after falling from a window. Another 15,000 suffer non-fatal injuries that may include brain damage, broken bones, and paralysis. Apartment windows are especially dangerous because of their height. If you live in an apartment building and have children, know what you can do to keep them safe and what you should do, if a fall does happen.  

Know the Risks

According to statistics, children fall from the windows in apartment buildings at five times the rate of children living in other types of homes. Those that live in lower income neighborhoods, where windows may suffer from poor construction or condition, are at an even higher risk because these windows are not always up to code. Homes and apartment buildings without air conditioning also carry a higher risk since the window may be left open to allow for airflow. If you and your child live in any of these areas, be aware of the increased risk and take extra precautions to keep your child safe.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconis accident lawyer, Wisconsin wrongful death attorneyIn July, an almost four-month-old baby named Payton McCoy died after being put down for a nap at his daycare in Milwaukee. The caregiver of the home day care center told the police that she fed Payton a bottle formula around noon, and then swaddled him and laid him down on his back, on a cushion called a Snuggle Me Cushion, on a twin bed. An hour later she found him still swaddled, but with his head against the wall and part of his face over the gap between the mattress and the wall. The woman was not licensed by the state of Wisconsin, and the mother reported that she had previously asked the provider not to use that cushion with Payton.

The daycare provider has been arrested for neglect. The fact is, if such a nightmare situation ever occurs, there is not always recourse for parents against the provider, especially an unlicensed one who may not carry insurance.

Legal Recourse When a Daycare Incident Injures Your Child

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