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Raymond Dall'Osto presents lecture at Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Annual Seminar

On December 12, 2009, Attorney Dall'Osto presented a lecture at the Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Annual Seminar in Madison, Wisconsin, entitled "Swinging the Sword of Justice - Ethically and Effectively." Attorney Dall'Osto then joined a panel of presenters, including UW-Law School Prof. Michele LaVigne, Kentucky Public Advocate Atty. Jeremy Rogers, State Bar Ethics Counsel Tim Pierce and Ed Burnette of Chicago, who is chairman of the national Council of Chief Defenders. The panel addressed the continuing ethical problems inherent with low budgets for indigent defense, unrealistically high caseloads for staff public defenders, and extremely low pay for private bar attorneys appointed to represent indigent criminal defendants. The panel interacted with the audience on the legal and political action needed to address such and brain-stormed possible strategies.

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