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Wisconsin truck accident lawyer, Wisconsin personal injury attorneyObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a medical condition that temporarily stops a sufferer’s breathing while they sleep. This can disrupt sleepiness and often leads to excessive daytime sleepiness. This symptom, which can be caused by a number of other factors or conditions, is thought to be responsible for as many as 20 percent of all large truck accidents and as many as 9,000 deaths and 22,000 severe injuries each and every year. What is most concerning is that nearly all of those accidents (if not all) could have been prevented with proper diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea

According to estimates from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep apnea affects as many 26 percent of Americans. Unfortunately, many do not actually know they have the condition since it rarely wakes the sufferer up enough that they register the disruption. Instead, they must be able to register their daytime sleepiness and/or other symptoms as a side effect of their condition and speak to their doctor. From there, they undergo testing that will help their doctor diagnose and administer treatment.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconis accident lawyer, Wisconsin wrongful death attorneyWhen large trucks or tractor-trailers are involved in accidents with passenger automobiles, the results are usually disastrous. The sheer size and weight disparity between these two types of vehicles mean that even minor accidents have the possibility of causing serious injuries and even death. When you add a careless truck driver to the mix, it is certainly a recipe for catastrophe.

In 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation estimates that large trucks were involved in over 7,000 accidents across the state of Wisconsin, resulting in 86 deaths and approximately 1,500 injuries. Unfortunately, trucking accidents are part of sharing the roads and highways with commercial trucking vehicles. In 2012, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration estimated that large commercial trucks were involved in over 330,000 accidents that resulted in approximately 3,900 deaths and 104,000 injuries. In any event, the law in Wisconsin, and the majority of the United States, provides that when the negligence of another driver contributes to an accident and causes you to suffer injuries, you are entitled to compensation for those injuries.

Recent Accident Illustrates Devastating Effect of Accidents Involving Passenger Automobiles and Large Trucks


Wisonsin personal injury attorney, Wisonsin truck accident, Wisconsin wrongful death lawyerLarge trucks pose a unique danger to other drivers on the road. Their massive size makes it harder for their operators to see what is around them, harder for their operators to turn, and harder for their operators to bring them to a stop. Additionally, their extra mass means that large truck accidents can be especially serious. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration data reveals that trucks are responsible for eight percent of all fatal accidents, despite constituting only four percent of all cars on the road.

Because of these unique dangers, the law imposes certain restrictions on truck drivers. They must get a certain amount of rest over certain periods, and there are limits to the amount of time they can drive consecutively and per week. However, Congress relaxed these federal trucking regulations as part of the recent spending compromise, meaning that other drivers on the road may now be less safe.

The New federal Trucking Regulations

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