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Milwaukee slip and fall accident injury lawyerSlipping and falling can lead to serious injuries that may require extensive medical treatment. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident, there are things you can do to strengthen your case and increase your chances of recovering compensation. 

Demonstrating Liability

One of the main hurdles in a slip and fall case is proving that the business or property owner knew of the condition that caused your fall and did not take the proper steps to correct it. Alternately, you can satisfy this requirement by showing that any reasonable business or property owner would have known about the condition, because it was present for a substantial period of time before you fell.

Following an injury, you should take the following steps:


Milwaukee slip and fall accident lawyer, slip and fall injuries, winter injuries, head injuries, hip fracturesThe winter season is upon us — temperatures are dropping, cold winds are blowing, and snow and ice are likely to build up on every outdoor surface. As you prepare for cold weather by wearing warm clothing, making sure your house is insulated, and keeping winter supplies on hand, also be aware of the increased danger of slip and fall injuries caused by slippery walking surfaces.

Common Winter Injuries

Snow and ice on roads, sidewalks, and driveways present a major hazard, and melting snow and ice can also lead to wet, slick floors, creating additional dangers nearly everywhere people will be walking in the winter. These conditions can lead to a wide variety of injuries, including:


slip and fall accident, wisconsin personal injury lawyerSlip and fall accidents happen often and in many different locations. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, there are over one million slip and fall emergency room visits each year. 

As the name suggests, these incidents occur when a person slips and falls to the ground. The cause of the accident can be a liquid on the floor or an uneven surface. The resulting injuries, for example, bone fractures or sprains, can be debilitating.

Slip and falls can happen at the supermarket, shopping centers, private residences, or government offices. While this kind of accident can happen anywhere, not everyone who suffers from these accidents may be able to prove a lawsuit. 


Wisconsin accident lawyer, Wisconsin personal injury attorneyEach year, as many as one million people are seen in emergency rooms for a slip and fall injury. Some experience minor injuries, such as bumps and bruises, minor fractures, or mild concussions. Others may suffer from injuries so severe that it can take months to recover, if they recover at all. These injuries may include everything from a major concussion and multiple fractures to traumatic brain injuries and death. What causes so many falls each year? Understand the most common causes and how you should proceed if you experience a slip and fall because of negligence.

Dangerous Walking Areas

According to statistics from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), more than half of all slip and fall accidents are caused by dangerous walking areas. These surfaces may be wet, cluttered, or contain loose tiles, carpeting, or floorboards. This could also include potholes in a parking lot, defective or damaged sidewalks, or damaged or poorly constructed stairways. When these defects are contained with the injured person’s home, there is no external fault or negligence. However, conditions like these in a place of business, at someone else’s home, or in a public area could make the owner of that property liable in a premises liability lawsuit.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin slip and fall lawyerAccording to the National Safety Council, approximately 2.5 million people are treated in emergency departments for slips and falls each year. Some of those falls happen at home, some happen at work, and still others occur at business establishments in premises liability accidents. A new study suggests that practicing yoga on a regular basis could reduce your risk for them all.

The Relationship Between Falls and Balance

As the human body ages, balance begins to fade. As such, those who are older are at greater risk for falls than those who are younger. However, one study concluded that everyone – even young people – experience frequent slips and falls. Conducted on college students, the study counted 1,446 total trips and slips and 82 falls over the course of 16 weeks. And so, the final consensus is that every person, young and old, could benefit from improved balance to help them prevent slips, trips, and falls.


Wisonsin personal injury attorney, personal injury liability, Wisconsin wrongful death lawyerWisconsinites are used to dealing with the cold and the ice that come along with winter, but these conditions can still pose a danger to people. One of the most common dangers is from slick sidewalks covered in ice. In fact, worldwide there are hundreds of thousands of deaths each year from falls, according to statistics compiled by the World Health Organization, and they can be especially serious for older members of the population. Fortunately, the law provides people with the ability to recover for these sorts of slip and fall injuries under a doctrine known as premises liability. That doctrine holds people responsible for maintaining their property in safe condition for other people. However, there are a variety of factors at play that can affect the strength of someone's claim.

Premises Liability

Premises liability is a legal doctrine that requires landowners to keep their property in safe condition for other people who may enter onto it. The idea behind the law is that landowners must exercise reasonable care to ensure that their land is safe by removing hazards or warning people of their existence. This idea can get a bit complicated when snow and ice start to get involved.

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