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UTV fatalities, wrongful death, Wisconsin injury attorneyWisconsin has a large amount of open land, perfect for riding ATVs on, and with winter approaching, it will soon become time for people to start breaking out their snowmobiles as well. While these vehicles can be fun for experienced, responsible riders, they also pose a danger. According to statistics compiled by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, dozens of people each year die related to ATV and snowmobile accidents. It is important to understand that these vehicles are very different from cars, which means that the causes of ATV and snowmobile accidents, injuries, and litigation surrounding injuries is different from an ordinary traffic accident.

Causes of Accidents

Riders tend to take ATVs and snowmobiles off of open roads and into fields, woods or other rough terrain. This can lead to types of accidents that do not occur often with more mundane vehicles. For instance, 45 percent of ATV and UTV fatalities last year occurred when a vehicle rolled over on top of its rider. While rollovers do happen with cars, they are not nearly so common or so deadly. The combination of less experienced riders, more treacherous terrain, and fewer safety precautions like roofs and roll bars make rollovers more dangerous in these sorts of vehicles.


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Wisonsin personal injury attorney, Wisonsin car crash lawyer, Milwaukee bike accident attorneyBicycles have become increasingly popular over the past decade as the cost of gas has risen and people have taken a more active interest in the health of the environment. In fact, according to statistics published by a bicycle industry magazine, bike sales have increased more than five percent over the past three years alone. While this increase in biking may be good for the planet, it can also pose a serious risk to pedestrians. Many pedestrians are not as careful watching for bikes as they are with cars, but bicycle-pedestrian collisions can still cause serious injuries. With more cyclists on the roads and sidewalks, it can be important for pedestrians to understand the dangers and know how to react.

Bike Accident Injuries

Most people do not worry about being hit by a bike in the same way they worry about being struck by a car. After all, bikes are smaller, lighter, and cannot travel as fast. Nevertheless, bikes can still cause serious harm to pedestrians, and can even inflict fatal injuries in some cases. The most common injuries that result from bike accidents are contusions, lacerations, and broken bones. These can be severe, painful injuries that require expensive medical treatment. Beyond those sorts of injuries, pedestrians who suffer falls during the accident can often hit their heads on the way down. At the speed bicycles travel, this can result in a traumatic brain injury. These types of injuries occur when the brain is jostled around in the skull, and they can lead to nausea, concussions, seizures, and even coma or death if the injury is serious enough.


car crash statistics, Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin wrongful death attorneyIt seems like every day the news has a report about a tragic traffic accident, but hearing about them just one at at time can make it difficult to visualize the full scale of the problem caused by careless drivers. However, there is now a tool available that can change that. The University of Wisconsin Madison's Traffic Operations and Safety Lab, with the help of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and a local news website, has created a map that allows the public to view the traffic fatalities across the state.

How the Map Works

 The software, which appears to be built on top of Google's framework, displays markers representing traffic fatalities over an interactive map of the state of Wisconsin. Clicking on a marker yields more information about the crash, such as when it happened, the number of deaths, and any factors that may have caused the accident.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin car crash lawyer, car crash, injuriesWinter is coming, which means that inclement weather is on the way. According to the Federal Highway Administration, it also means a spike in traffic accidents. While Wisconsin drivers are familiar with driving in ice and snow, they may not be so familiar with the legal ramifications for it, particularly if there is an accident. Although many drivers are content to blame the increase in accidents during bad weather on the weather itself, the law is not so forgiving. Courts still often assign fault to one of the drivers in these traffic accidents, so it is important for drivers to understand their duties in bad weather.

Traffic Accidents during Bad Weather

The issue that many drivers face in bad weather is that they do not understand the difference between speeding and “excessive speed.” Speeding is a traffic violation that involves going faster than the posted speed limits. Those speed limits were designed with dry, clear weather in mind, so it is entirely possible to be going the speed limit and still be going too fast under the law.


Wisonsin personal injury attorney, Wisonsin car crash lawyer, Milwaukee auto accident attorneyMany people have a mistaken belief that much of a lawyer's job is done during the trial, examining witnesses, talking to the jury, and convincing the judge that their side is right. While these skills are certainly important, focusing on them ignores all the groundwork that goes into a case before trial, and it ignores the fact that over 90 percent of cases settle without ever getting to a trial.

In fact, much of the work a lawyer does happens before the trial ever starts during the “discovery phase” of the lawsuit. During this phase the lawyers exchange information with each other to help both sides build the best case. This lets lawyers go into a trial in a way that avoids any surprises, and allows them to orchestrate the best case possible. This can be especially important in personal injury cases where one side often has much more information on what happened than the other.

How Discovery Works


auto accident injury, Wisconsin personal injury attorney, filing a claimThe Wisconsin Department of Transportation reported 109,385 total crashes and 39,369 injuries in its last crash report in 2012. Car accidents occur unexpectedly and even if there are no injuries involved, an accident can still prove to be painful due to unforeseen costs, hassle, and stress.

There are several details that go into filing an auto accident claim, which include requesting reports, gathering information from medical providers, and ensuring that all of documents are received and recorded in a timely manner. Wisconsin maintains a statute of limitations on recovering personal injury damages that cannot exceed three years from the date of the accident.

The auto accident claims process can be lengthy and time-consuming, depending on the severity of the accident, but it is important to invest time to take the appropriate steps. Records from every involved party must be collected to create a complete timeline of information. This includes reports from:


motorcycle accident, Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin traffic lawsMotorcycle drivers face special challenges when on the road. Without the use of safety restraints or a car’s structure to possibly protect them, their performance when driving is extra important. However, knowing the motorcycle laws of Wisconsin can help keep drivers safe.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WDOT) has created a 51-page handbook for motorcycle owners with explanation of laws of the road and safety prevention information. The document contains several powerful statistics from 2012 that have affected motorcyclists and other drivers on the road. They include findings of:

  • 2,398 injured motorcyclists;
  • 136 non-motorcyclists injured in motorcycle-related accidents;
  • 112 motorcycle fatalities.

Understanding the importance of motorcycle laws and the correct handling of a motorcycle helps to increase safety awareness, while also reducing the chance for a collision on the road. Owners are required to have a specific motorcycle license before operating their vehicle. Protective gear, including a helmet and eye-wear, are required by law.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin car crash lawyer, car crash, injuriesThe U.S. Department of Transportation reports that over 300,000 large trucks were involved in collisions in 2012 with 104,000 people injured as a result. This number of injuries was an 18 percent increase from the previous year. Injuries resulting from a truck driver fatigue accident can range from bruising and aggravated pain to severe injuries such as broken bones, and in certain instances, fatality. Safety on the road is the responsibility of every driver.

Traffic accidents involving commercial trucks typically occur as a result of one of the following:

  • Poor driver performance;
  • Violation of safety regulations;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Vehicle malfunction;
  • Driver fatigue.

One network news station recently broadcasted an expose about sleep-deprived truck drivers being forced to drive despite safety regulations, potentially causing dangerous truck driver fatigue accidents.


Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin car crash lawyer, car crash, injuriesTraffic accidents are, at their worst, serious events with life altering consequences, but even less severe accidents can be frustrating experiences. Dealing with the courts, the insurance companies, the police, and the body shop can quickly eat up large parts of a day. Fortunately, a new program developed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) can make the administrative details of a traffic accident a little easier. The Department has released a new web program that allows people involved in traffic accidents to order their crash reports on a computer or through the use of a smartphone.

Accessing a Crash Report

The new system is already active and running on the DOT's website, as well as through the Department of Motor Vehicles. Accident victims can search the web system using one of three details: They can use their DOT document form number; the DOT accident number; or a combination of the accident date and the driver's license number of one of the parties involved in the crash.


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Wisconsin personal injury attorney, Wisconsin car crash lawyer, car crash, injuriesCar accidents are a stressful experience that no one wants to be involved in. However, to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible, the law requires people involved in a car accident to remain on the scene and render aid if possible. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this requirement. This can lead to hit and run accidents. These are accidents where one of the drivers flees the scene, leaving the other driver to deal with the aftermath alone.

A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that these types of accidents result in over a thousand deaths each year. Fortunately, there are steps that victims of a hit and run accident can take in order to recover for their injuries. Many of these steps involve attempting to track down the driver through witnesses and security camera footage, but even if they cannot be found, there may be other options, such as using the police or the victim's insurance company.

How to Find the Driver

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